Stephen T. Bartlett, MD

Stephen BartlettDr. Bartlett is an internationally known transplant surgeon, research scientist, and leader in academic medicine. As chair and professor of the Department of Surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, he heads one of the country’s most highly NIH-funded departments. As Executive Vice President and Surgeon-in-Chief, he oversees the surgical teams at each of the 12 hospitals within the University of Maryland Medical System.

Under Dr. Bartlett’s leadership, the University of Maryland has grown to become one of the largest and most comprehensive organ transplant programs in the world, with leadership positions in liver and kidney transplants. Dr. Bartlett has established successful new approaches to assessing and matching donor kidneys that have been proven to extend patient survival—and have translated into a widely utilized national policy for sharing expanded criteria donor kidneys. He also led a 10-year basic science research effort for people with massive craniofacial injury that in 2012 resulted in the most extensive full-face transplant in the world. Today, he continues to spearhead research on using vascularized bone marrow in transplant surgery, which allows the patient’s immune system to accept the transplant with fewer immunosuppression drugs.

His pioneering work in complex kidney transplantation and vascular disease surgery has dramatically improved patient access to viable organs—and have resulted in numerous recognitions as a “Top Doctor” by Baltimore Magazine.