Gail Cunningham, MD

Gail Cunningham, M.D.

Gail Cunningham, MD, FACEP, is the Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center (UM SJMC).

Since assuming the position in 2012, Dr. Cunningham has been implementing a comprehensive quality program resulting in the restructuring of the Performance Improvement quality plan and department. Her work in restructuring peer review and provider performance reviews have received accolades from the Joint Commission.

Her initiatives regarding quality outcomes, as measured by Quality Based Reimbursement, resulted in UM SJMC being the first within the University of Maryland Medical System and second in the state of Maryland for QBR this past year. UM SJMC has had exceptional performance with regard to the MHAC program and significant reduction in unplanned readmissions.

Dr. Cunningham’s implementation of a daily safety huddle, which has been consistently held for four years, has inculcated the organization with the need for continuous vigilance when it comes to safety, transparency and accountability.

Dr. Cunningham has worked as an emergency department physician at UM SJMC since she completed her emergency medicine internship and residency training at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

During her tenure, she has served UM SJMC in numerous capacities, Chief of the Emergency Department Chair of the Credentials Committee and President-elect of the medical staff 2009-2010; member of the Medical Executive Committee since 2003; and President of the medical staff from January 2011-March 2012. 

Her volunteer work includes several mission trips for the medical center’s Tanzania Village Wellness Program, mission trips to Haiti on behalf of the Community Coalition for Haiti as well as traveling as a physician with the Knights of Malta to Lourdes.

Board-certified in Emergency Medicine, she graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology; earned a Masters in Science degree in Physiology from Georgetown University, and received her medical degree at the Georgetown University School of Medicine.